The bridge between distributors and customers

We are an American online retailer that specializes in connecting quality products with consumers.  We add value beyond just buying and selling products.  Our goal is to be a partner that helps grow the business and shares the vision of the companies whose products we sell.

About Us

Maxx Buy was founding in 2018 to provide a ‘win-win’ eCommerce solution to brands and consumers.  With an extensive background in web marketing and social media, we connect high quality products with consumers.

Our Strategy

Every online market is different, and as such, our marketing strategies vary enormously depending on the products being sold.  We analyze potential products and brands online and determine the best course of action for each.  We then develop customized campaigns for each using real data from reliable sources.

Our Brands

We carry tons of products from globally recognised brands to smaller brands, in a broad range of markets. We sell everything from video games to household items, and everything in between. What matters most to us is product quality and customer satisfaction.


We utilize pay-per-click advertising to drive more traffic and sales to the products we sell across all sales channels utilized.

Listing Optimization

We improve the listings of the products we sell to increase traffic and conversions which results in more organic traffic and higher sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We boost organic traffic thru improving SEO so products show up higher in the ranking in search engines and in e-commerce search results.

Amazon Store and Prime

We sell primarily on Amazon.  You can access our Amazon store here.  We leverage the power of their fulfillment network to deliver your goods quickly through the Amazon Prime program.  Prime members can get free 2 day shipping.